Electrical problems at your home or business shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only can they jeopardize the functionality of your various systems, appliances, and gadgets, but they can also pose a risk to your safety. So, if you’re experiencing a sparking outlet, a tripping breaker, or any other concerning electrical issue, you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, you should bring in a local electrician to figure out what’s causing the problem and determine a solution. However, before you commit to having an electrician work on your home or building, there are a few questions you should always ask them.

1. Are You Licensed?

Any time that you’re trusting an electrician to work on your home or business, it’s imperative that they’re licensed in your state. That means they’ll need either a Master Electrician license or a Journeyman license. When working with a licensed electrician, you’ll have the peace of mind that they have the necessary training and knowledge to handle the job properly.

While there may be unlicensed electricians skilled at what they do, you’ll have no way of knowing what you’re getting when you hire one. The work of someone unlicensed may not be up to code or pass an inspection, and in some cases, it may even put your home in danger. So, before you even start discussing the specifics of the job, verify that the electrician is fully licensed.

2. How Much Do You Charge?

It’s never fun to be surprised with a bill much larger than you were expecting. Unfortunately, that’s a situation that many people find themselves in after working with an electrician. Before you commit to a repair, installation, or any other significant job, ask for a specific pricing quote. If you get a definitive figure from them up front, they won’t have the option of bumping the price up later.

Plus, once you know what they’re charging, you can contact other local electricians to find the best possible deal. That said, hiring an electrician is not an area where you should just go with the cheapest option. Most importantly, you’re hiring someone who will do a quality job. However, there’s no reason you shouldn’t receive a fair price for that job, and the best way to do so is to ask for a quote beforehand.

3. Have You Done This Type of Job Before?

If you were having brain surgery, you probably wouldn’t want it performed by someone who had never done it before, right? Well, you should have a similar mindset regarding an electrician working on your home. Electricians’ tasks are widespread, and most contractors will have done them numerous times. However, other jobs are uncommon.

Ask your electrician about their experience handling work similar to what you need done. If they tell you that they’ve done it a hundred times, you’ll rest easy knowing that they can do it right. On the other hand, if they admit that they don’t have much experience with it, you’ll at least know that they’re honest and trustworthy. While you may not want to hire them for that specific job, you may want to call them up the next time you have a different electrical issue.

4. Will the Job Require Associated Repairs?

Because so much of your home or business’s electrical system lies behind your walls and ceilings, it sometimes requires holes being cut in your drywall to access it. So, with specific jobs that an electrician performs, significant repairs will be required afterward to restore your wall. Before your electrician gets to work, be sure to ask them whether or not those kinds of repairs will be necessary. If it turns out that the answer is yes, find out ahead of time who will take care of them.

The primary reason you need to ask these questions is that most electricians aren’t experts in repairing drywall. In most cases, a separate contractor must come in and handle those repairs. While most electricians will arrange all of this for you, it’s always a good idea to verify these things at the start of the job. Otherwise, you could be left with big holes in your drywall and need to spend time and money fixing them.

5. Is This a Long-term Fix?

There are many different types of electrical jobs and repairs, and not all are meant to hold up indefinitely. Sometimes, an electrician will deploy a temporary fix for a problem. Usually, the contractor will let you know how long the repair will last and how you should proceed. For example, your hired electrician may repair your malfunctioning generator but tell you you’ll need to replace the unit within a year.

You shouldn’t ever assume that an electrician will offer you all the information you need without being asked. So, when hiring one to deal with any electrical problem at your home or business, ask them whether or not the solution will hold up for the long haul. If the answer is no, ask for clear instructions on your next steps.

6. Will My Electrical Service Be Disrupted?

More often than not, an electrician will need to shut off your home or building’s power before they can work on your electrical system. To help make things as convenient as possible for them and yourself, inquire about precisely what the job will entail regarding service interruption. That way, you won’t end up having the power shut off while you’re in the middle of writing an important email. Plus, you won’t run the risk of accidentally disrupting the work they’re doing.

7. Does Your Work Come With a Warranty?

With most reputable electricians, their work will come with some guarantee, and any devices or appliances they sell and install will come with warranties. Essentially, these guarantees and warranties serve as insurance that the service you paid for will hold up. If it doesn’t, they’ll need to either replace the appliance, re-do the work, or give you a full refund, depending on the specific terms. Any time you have significant work done by an electrician or any other contractor, you’d be wise to ask about warranties and guarantees before they begin. Asking this question could potentially save you thousands of dollars down the road.

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