Tesla Recommended Electrician With the growing popularity of electric and hybrid cars, the demand for home car charging options is also exploding. Sustainable transportation requires home charging options. And while it is possible to charge electric cars, such as the Tesla Model S, with a standard home outlet, it’s certainly not ideal. With the Model S, using a regular plug will only charge about three miles of range per hour the car is plugged in. In other words, plugging a Model S into a standard outlet requires more than 66 hours of charging to achieve 200 miles of range!

Tesla Charger Installation

How Do You Charge Your Tesla?

A 240-volt outlet provides a far faster charge. These upgraded outlets can get a Model S charged to 200 miles of range in just under seven hours. Therefore, it’s feasible that your Model S could be fully charged overnight if it’s plugged into a 240-volt outlet. An even better charging solution is a Telsa Wall Connector. With a charging speed of up to 58 miles of range per hour, the Wall Connector is the Telsa charging solution for people who don’t always want to wait around for their Model S to charge.

You’ll Need an Electrician to Help You Charge Your Tesla

Whether you opt for a 240-volt outlet or a Tesla Wall Connector installed in your garage, both are jobs meant for a certified electrician. But in order to ensure that your Tesla can reliably charge at optimal speeds, you need to find a Tesla Recommended Electrician.

Look for a Tesla Recommended Electrician

Arc Angel Electric is excited to announce that we have been named a Tesla Recommended Electrician. To achieve this title, Arc Angel Electric underwent specialized training with Tesla Motors in regards to installing and troubleshooting Tesla Wall Connectors. We also maintain strict quality assurance, permits, and inspection requirements.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Tesla Motors. When you make the switch to sustainable transportation, Arc Angel Electric hopes to be there to install your home charging station. Click here or call us to schedule your Tesla Wall Connector installation with a Tesla Recommended Electrician.

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