Having an ongoing maintenance plan is critical to cutting electrical costs and works to eliminate emergency electrical problems in your home or business. Our team at Arc Angel Electric also provides a discount to our customers on the maintenance plan. The details of our complete electrical inspection and maintenance plan can be found below.

Gold Maintenance Plan

15% Off Our Services Through the Year Extended Warranties

At Arc Angel Electric, we believe that you should consider an investment in one of the most comprehensive electrical service agreements in the entire industry. With this extensive maintenance plan, you would be considered a preferred customer which entitles you to priority service, extended warranties, discounts up to 15%, many other benefits listed below, and most importantly peace of mind!

Maintenance plan services & features:

  • Test all GFCI & AFCI breakers
  • We will change the batteries on all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replace up to four damaged single gang receptacle or switch faceplate covers
  • Check all light switches in your home for proper operation
  • Test all smoke detectors to ensure proper working order
  • Test all wall receptacle outlets that are accessible.
  • Perform a load calculation on your breaker box to be sure it’s not overloaded.
  • Check for code violations
  • Verify correct line voltage at the main electrical panel and any subpanels
  • Check for overloaded circuits
  • Inspect and test GFCI’s and also check for proper locations of GFCI’s
  • Perform a visual inspection of all light fixtures
  • Open and internally inspect any single outlet that is requested
  • Check and clean main breaker box and panels, tighten any loose wiring to manufacturers listing
  • Test all ceiling, attic, and exhaust fans (up to 12’) in the home and check for proper operation
  • Create an electrical “To-Do-List”
  • Create a wish list for you to consider during the upcoming year
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