Arc Angel Electric is licensed and insured to properly handle all remodeling and rewiring projects. It is important that your home is properly wired to prevent electrical shock and fire hazards. All states have electrical codes to aid in this prevention. Arc Angel Electric knows the local code requirements and performs all work according to National Electric Code (NEC) standards.

One of the first things you need to consider when you are planning a remodel is the existing electrical system. Is the condition of the existing electrical wiring and the capacity (in amps) of the system up to code? Along with plumbing and heating and cooling systems, updating the electrical system in a house will be one of the most expensive remodeling tasks. Major electrical rewiring will require you to use the services of a licensed electrician. Check your local building codes before beginning any remodeling.

Rewiring your home

Home Rewiring in Cumming, GA Rewiring a home involves pulling out the old wires and installing new ones. Sometimes, it’s necessary to upgrade the electrical service and/or the electrical panel for the home. A partial rewire may be all that’s needed when some of the existing wirings are salvageable.

If your home was built before 1950, it may need to be rewired. Before 1950, insulation covering electrical wires was made of cloth. As cloth ages, it deteriorates and becomes brittle.

Older homes may also need the replacement of electrical panels. The electrical panel is the box that holds your circuit breakers or fuses. It receives power from the electric company and distributes electricity to all the circuits in your home. Older electrical panels may not provide sufficient power for your current needs. The result can be circuit breakers flipping off or fuses blowing.

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Older electrical panels can also pose a hidden danger – they may fail to shut off the electricity when power overloads or power leaks occur. The result can be melted wires, sparks, fire, or shock hazards.