A home standby generator installation is an excellent investment for two main reasons. First, a generator will improve your home’s value. Second, it will give you peace of mind during the stormy season. When your house experiences a power loss, a whole home generator will kick on automatically. Many people report that the transition to generator power is virtually seamless. You may not even realize the grid is down until your neighbors start knocking on your door!

There are still some misconceptions out there about home standby generators. You might be wondering how long it takes to install these devices. Perhaps you’re curious what it will take to integrate the generator into your home’s existing electrical system. How loud are they? How often do you have to put more gas in them?

Here’s what you need to know about a home standby generator installation:

A Professional Home Standby Generator Installation Is Quick

Installers can install an air-cooled home generator in as little as four hours. Liquid-cooled models are more complicated and can take up to 14 hours to install. It’s important to note that your home’s electricity will only have to be turned off for a brief period while a technician hooks up the wiring to the existing system. The inconvenience of having the electricity off is extremely brief.

Generator Maintenance Is Minimal

Home standby generators run weekly self-tests to make sure all systems are normal. If the system detects a problem, a warning light will indicate that it’s time to call in your trusted technician. And just like other motorized devices, home generators require periodic filter cleaning and oil changes. Purchasing an affordable maintenance agreement for your generator means year-round peace of mind for you and your family.

Home Generators Don’t Require Refueling

Unlike portable generators, you will never have to refill your home standby generator. That’s because it will be connected directly to your home’s natural gas supply. When the generator detects a power loss, it will immediately tap into the gas line and begin sending power to your home.

Your Home Generator Will Be Quiet

Many people worry about the noise created by home generators. During the weekly self-test, your generator will be no louder than an idling car. And because regulations require that generators be installed several feet away from the house, you probably won’t even hear your generator running.

Arc Angel Electric: Atlanta’s Home Standby Generator Installation Experts

We know there are few things worse than losing your air conditioning on a muggy summer day. You won’t have to worry about that anymore with a home standby generator. It’s one of the smartest investments in your home’s value and your family’s comfort. For more advice about your upcoming home standby generator installation, contact our friendly team of experts at Arc Angel Electric today!

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