Can faulty wiring increase my electric bill? We hear this question all the time from our customers. There are tons of things that can cause your electric bill to go up. For example, it’s common for electricity use to skyrocket in the summer when the air conditioner starts running daily. Having company come to stay will increase your electric bill due to increased use of appliances and lights.

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Installing additional appliances can also cause a jump in your electric bill. A second refrigerator, a deep freezer, or a window AC unit will all make life more comfortable or convenient. They will also draw extra electricity on top of your current usage. However, replacing old appliances with efficient new Energy Star models should decrease your bill.

If none of these things seems to explain a recent increase in your electric bill, it’s time to look at your actual utility bill. Take a look to see if your kilowatt-hour use has gone up over the last few months. If not, have your utility rates increased? The cost of electricity goes up from time to time. This is obviously outside of your control, but it could be the nudge you need to reduce your electricity use.

If your utility bill seems to be in order, the next step is to call in an electrician to do an inspection of your home. Diagnosing the problem will probably require an expert to check your wiring, outlets, fixtures, and wiring. Now is the time to ask, can faulty wiring increase my electric bill?

Can Faulty Wiring Increase My Electric Bill? Yes, It Can.

Problems with wiring can cause electricity leakage in many ways. If you live in an area with cold winters, the continual cycle of freezing and thawing soil can cause rocks to puncture underground wiring. It happens all the time in northern climates. Bare wiring for a water pump can short out when it contacts the metal pipe.

Check your attic and crawl space for frayed and damaged wiring. This can be caused by many different conditions, but a wild animal chewing on the wires is one extremely common example. Damaged wiring can cause the connected appliance to heat up and consume extra electricity. A situation like this calls for both an animal control professional and a licensed electrician right away.

Faulty Thermostat Wiring Can Pose Problems, Too

Another rare but possible scenario involves faulty wiring in your HVAC system. Sometimes, a thermostat can be incorrectly wired, causing the heating and cooling systems to run at the same time. So not only are you drawing about twice as much electricity as you should be, but both systems may run almost continuously as they battle it out to achieve the designated temperature. This problem is most common when people DIY their new thermostat installation.

Old Wiring in Your House Can Mean Trouble

An old house probably has old wiring running through its walls. Old wiring can be fraught with problems that can not only run up your electric bill but can also pose fire hazards. Old fuses and circuit breakers may not be sufficient to handle your modern family’s electrical draw. Arc faults in poorly maintained older homes can cause a drastic increase in electricity use. If your house is more than a decade old, it’s a good idea to have a licensed electrician conduct a complete inspection of your system.

Check for Faulty Duct Work in Your House

Your HVAC system is probably using more electricity than anything else in your house. It’s not wiring-related, but it’s worth getting your air ducts checked for leaks. An air leak will cause your furnace or AC unit to run more often than normal, and that’s an obvious cause of increased electrical costs.

Double Check Your Electrical Meter

People are only human, and humans make errors. It’s possible that the electrical company misread your meter last time they came out. If the reading on your bill doesn’t make sense against your current meter reading, bring it to your electric company’s attention. Chances are that they will reduce your bill while you wait on the phone.

Arc Angel Electric: Georgia’s Pros for Fixing Faulty Wiring

More and more people are worried about their growing electric bills. For this reason, Arc Angel Electric provides electrical inspections for clients all the time. We are happy to evaluate your electric bill, conduct an energy audit, and check over your breaker panel and wiring. We can usually identify several possible ways for families to reduce their electric bills with small changes around the house.

Still wondering, can faulty wiring increase my electric bill? Contact Arc Angel Electric for the answers you need.

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