If you’re buying a new house, it’s generally recommended that you thoroughly inspect the electrical connections first before deciding to buy them. Electrical inspections are also advised for homeowners who’ve already stayed in their current house for a long time. Other instances warrant electrical inspections and we’ll tell you about them and why you need to have them. We encourage you to continue reading because it concerns your own safety as well as the people around you.

What is an electrical inspection and who can do it?

First off, let’s clarify what we mean by electrical inspection. An electrical inspection means conducting a comprehensive checkup of all the electrical wirings, connections, and components in your home or business. It is not simply taking a look and checking which wires are worn out. It is making sure that each connection complies with local and national safety standards. In particular, your home or business must comply with the National Electrical Code which defines the minimum safety standards of electrical systems all over the US.

A thorough electrical inspection involves:
  • Checking for any uncovered electrical wiring
  • Checking for exposed wires
  • Examining any outdated wiring
  • Looking out for any DIY wiring
  • Testing out safety switches
  • Testing the lighting and power points
  • Examining the power box
  • Checking the location of smoke alarms and making sure they’re working
  • Identifying any electrical hazard
  • Evaluating the efficiency of the electrical system
  • Making sure that electrical connections and wirings comply with government standards

This is an intricate job that requires the expertise of professionals. As such, this job is best entrusted to authorized government personnel only or to licensed electricians who have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you comply with the law codes and requirements in your area.

When you need to have an electrical inspection conducted on your property, make sure to call Arc Angel Electric. We have a team of licensed and certified electricians who can do the job with competence. We conduct high-quality electrical inspection services. We will provide you with a detailed report of your electrical system including matters that need immediate action, recommendations for improvements, and suggestions for possible enhancements and upgrades.

Why do you need an Electrical Inspection?

According to the US Fire Administration, there were over 1.3 million fires in 2018 resulting in 3,655 deaths, 15,200 injuries, and $25.6 billion worth of losses in properties. Electrical malfunction is one of the leading causes of fires. This is why an electrical inspection is important because your safety is at stake here. It can save your life and the properties that you’ve established and saved through the years.

Let’s discuss the reasons why you need an electrical inspection a little bit more.

Compliance with Housing and Electrical Codes. As mentioned earlier, the government has set minimum safety standards when it comes to electrical connections and systems. This is to protect everyone from the hazards of faulty and worn-out electrical wirings and connections and avoid possible deaths, injuries, and OSHA violations. Compliance with these codes will ensure your safety, especially in today’s modern electrical landscape. Keep in mind that you have a legal responsibility to keep your home safe. An electrical inspection from Arc Angel Electric will help you determine if your residential or commercial unit follows the safety requirements and what can be done to avoid potential hazards.

Save Money. An electrical inspection helps you save money in the long run. Your trusted electrician from Arc Angel Electric will evaluate the efficiency of your electrical system. He will tell you if it still fits your current electrical needs and how you can upgrade the electrical system so that your electrical appliances and devices will function properly and efficiently. This will result in a smaller electric bill which means more savings for you and it also reduces your carbon footprint or energy consumption.

Home Insurance Coverage. Insurance companies usually cover electrical wirings on your home insurance. However, your premium would depend on the type of wiring you have at home. This is understandable because older wirings are more prone to cause fires. This is why having aluminum and knob and tube wirings can increase your insurance rate. If you’re buying a house, you seek the assistance of a professional electrician from Arc Angel Electric to make sure that the electrical wirings are properly connected and updated so that you can get full insurance coverage at a lower premium.

When do you need to get an electrical inspection?

An electrical inspection is recommended periodically especially during these times:

When you’re buying a new house or commercial unit. A typical building inspection does not usually include an electrical inspection so you better initiate to have one conducted if this is the case. Call your professional electricians from Arc Angel Electric to make a thorough check of the wires, outlets, and electrical panels. We will also test the fault circuit interrupters and take a look at the smoke alarms. We will help you ensure that the wirings in place are safe and can withstand your electrical demands. Arc Angel Electric will help you in this crucial decision of purchasing a unit with no faulty or dangerous electrical wirings.

When your house or unit is old. Okay, we have to qualify for this. If your house or unit is over 25 years old, it is recommended to have an electrical inspection done. Or it could also be that you’ve been staying in your home for less than 25 years but you’re experiencing electrical problems such as tripped circuit breakers. Your trusted electricians from Arc Angel Electric will check the old wirings and if there were any DIY electrical works done to determine if they are at par with safety standards. We will also check if there’s overloading or if the electrical system can still handle your current electrical needs and fix the issues as needed.

As regular maintenance. You may not see any obvious damage to your electrical system that’s why you don’t feel the need to have an electrical inspection conducted. But the truth is, electrical wirings are also subject to wear and tear especially since you’re using them all the time. It is best to call your trusted electricians from Arc Angel Electric so that we can check if everything is still in perfect working condition including your electrical wirings, connections, switchboard, and appliances.

Wrap Up

It is important to have an electrical inspection done in your home or business regularly. It all boils down to safety, saving money, and avoiding potential hazards for you, your home, and your community. Call your trusted and licensed electricians from Arc Angel Electric to conduct an electrical inspection of your home or business today.

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