There are many electrical projects that call for a professional’s help, and circuit breaker replacement certainly fits that bill. Furthermore, many homeowners are surprised to learn that they need a circuit breaker or two replaced. So, if you’ve been concerned about your home’s electrical performance, it might be time to call in an expert.

Most Common Reasons for Circuit Breaker Replacement

Old Circuit Breaker Is Insufficient for Modern Electrical Needs

First of all, the older your house is, the more likely you are to run into this problem. Just a few decades ago, households didn’t create half the electrical draw we see today. Furthermore, various modern appliances and electronics mean that old circuit breakers often don’t supply enough juice for today’s families. Hence, overloaded circuits are probably the most common cause of tripped circuit breakers. Installing a beefier circuit breaker can sometimes be a quick fix for this problem.

Circuit Breaker Seems to Trip Constantly

Secondly, a circuit breaker that has to be reset on a regular basis should be replaced. This is a sign of several different issues, including the one we just discussed. Or, it could also be related to faulty wiring or just an old or damaged switch that’s finally wearing out once and for all. So, have an electrician install a new circuit breaker and see if you notice a difference – we bet you will.

A Short Circuit Trips a Circuit Breaker

Also, a short circuit is when a hot wire touches another hot wire or the neutral wire. This often occurs inside the walls of a home, but it can also happen in an appliance or another electrical device. A professional electrician can easily diagnose a short circuit.

Loose Screws Cause a Breaker Overload

Finally, sometimes the problem is a simple oversight. The screws connecting the wires to the actual circuit breaker should be tight and secure. Therefore, loose screws can trigger the overload mechanism within the circuit breaker and cause a trip. If a certain breaker seems to trip frequently, the solution could be as simple as tightening the little screws.

Atlanta’s Circuit Breaker Replacement Pros

Here in Atlanta, Arc Angel Electric sees a lot of circuit breaker problems. Many of these issues have to do with old electrical systems and damaged circuit breakers. Upgrading a home’s system to meet a family’s modern needs is one of our most frequent service calls. A quick upgrade can save you a lot of hassles!

Arc Angel Electric has been diagnosing and fixing Atlanta’s electrical problems for 16 years. Our highly trained and fully qualified technicians can check out whatever concerns you have about your home’s electric system. For your next circuit breaker replacement, call Arc Angel Electric today.

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