Electricity has been a large part of human life for over 100 years, and in its path of progress, there have been a lot of electrical wires used and left behind. When it comes to throwing away old electrical wires, it’s important to do so in a way that is responsible so that the old wiring doesn’t create a danger to the environment. Before you just pitch them in the trash or even the recycling bin, always consider the implications of incorrectly throwing away electrical wires. Here are a few ways to properly dispose of electrical wiring from your home to ensure they do not adversely affect the environment.

Recycling Electrical Wires

Once you start to look, you will notice that electrical wires are employed for a lot of things. This means that they’re in frequent use in every household, and they could possibly pose an environmental danger if there isn’t a sustainable way to manage them all. This is why recycling electrical wiring is a great choice when it’s practical to do so.

It is entirely possible to recycle electrical wires, thanks to how they are made. Typically, an electrical wire is composed of aluminum or copper, and these are highly sought-after recyclable materials.

You can find recycling stations that specialize in this area, and they will be happy to accept your old electrical wires. There are even facilities for e-waste (discarded electronic and electrical components) all over the country that will take your electrical wires and repurpose them. Since electrical wires use materials that won’t degrade, this recycling process can be performed over and over, which is very beneficial to the environment.

Can Electrical Wire Be Placed Into a Recycling Bin?

Once you find out that electrical wires are actually recyclable materials, you may be inclined to put them in the recycling bin. It’s important to remember that this is not the best way to recycle these wires. Electrical wires are considered e-waste, so you will have to recycle them in a specific way to ensure that they are handled properly.

It’s important to explore the different ways to give these old wires to a recycling station. The best method of recycling your old electrical wires is to place all of them together in a plastic bag, carton or paper bag and make sure that the package of wires is easy to identify. You can then call a recycling station to come and pick the wires up, or you can drive them yourself to the recycling station and drop the package of wires off. Just make sure that you avoid dumping the old electrical wires into your recycling bin, which can cause a big problem for the local recyclers who would have to sort out the wires from all of the other recyclable materials.

Getting Rid of Old Electrical Wires

If you have old wires in your house, they may seem out of place, particularly in a well-built home that is furnished with all the latest in modern conveniences. You may wonder what you should do with them and how to dispose of them. Like most electronics, there is a correct way to do this and several approaches to going about it.

Recycle Them

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to dispose of electrical wiring, you can always choose to recycle it. Despite how they might look, old wires may not be completely useless, especially if they are made with copper or aluminum. These materials are definitely recyclable, so there is no reason to let them go to waste. When you recycle the wires, you are not only getting rid of old wires, but you’re also ensuring that the environment is kept safe and free of waste. However, recycling these will take a little more effort than simply dropping them in the labeled bin.

E-Waste Facilities

Typically, an electrical wire is considered e-waste, which is why you need to be careful when you deal with them. If you have a lot of wires and need to dispose of them, they can be taken to an e-waste facility. Personnel there will be happy to take them.

Sell Them

You can actually make a few bucks with all those old wires. If you sell the wires, nothing goes to waste. You can find e-waste facilities that will give you cash in return for old wiring. You may also want to look at other salvage businesses to see if they will pay you for your old wires.

You can look at Instagram, eBay or Facebook, as well, to find places that will pay for your old wires. Of course, you need good bargaining and managerial skills to make this worthwhile. Just remember that any electrical wires you choose to sell should be in good condition.

Donate Them

If you don’t want to bother with selling your old electrical wires, you can also donate them. There are several nonprofits that will take your electrical wires as a donation. Check out universities that have STEM programs to see if they can use them. Many universities will be happy to take old electrical wiring since engineers and students can always use it for laboratory work.

If you aren’t sure how to find universities that offer STEM programs, look online and check the curriculums of different universities throughout the country. You can also contact a professional electrician at Arc Angel Electric to help you find a local STEM program that would be happy to take your old wires.

Upcycle Them

When you upcycle old wires, you have the opportunity to use the electrical wires in a different way. By changing your orientation on how you see old wires as a waste material, you can create different household items using them.

There is always an occasion to wear jewelry for either formal or casual occasions. Believe it or not, you can make jewelry out of old electrical wires. While this may be a bit of a task, you can find videos online that make it easier by giving you step-by-step instructions to create beautiful jewelry out of old electrical wires.

Old wires can also be utilized to make beautiful sculptures and wire art. They can be used in interior design to enhance homes and offices. Look for videos online that can explain the process of making different types of sculptures and art. Just remember that creating these works of art can be a lengthy process.

While it may seem impossible, you can also find videos that will help you create a perfect wire bowl. These bowls can be used to decorate offices and homes in a unique way. Check online for easy-to-follow videos with instructions on how to create your own wire bowls.

Ask the Professionals

If you’re trying to decide what you should do with your old electrical wires, call a professional electrician to advise you on how to properly dispose of them. Our team at Arc Angel Electric is friendly and always willing to help. We have locations in Cumming, GA, and Bluffton, SC, from which our certified electricians cover all the surrounding areas. We perform electrical inspection, installation, repair and maintenance. You can rely on us for lighting, electrical panels, generators, surge protection, smart home automation and electrical vehicle charging. For more information, just give us a call today.

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