As a pet owner, you know how curious your cat might be. It’s the nature of the animal, and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, sometimes this curiosity might not be good. It can lead to electrical shocks and other accidents. Other pets are exposed to similar electrical hazards, and you need to be on top of your game to protect them where necessary.

Read below to learn some practical methods for keeping your pets away from electrical dangers.

Unplug Cords When Not in Use

One of the crucial things you can do to keep your pets away from electrical dangers is unplugging cords when they’re not in use. This keeps your pet from getting tangled up in them and gives them a chance to stay safe. It is also good to keep cords tucked away so they are not easily accessible.

Keep Your Pets Away From Outlets

Another way to keep your pets away from electrical dangers is by keeping them away from outlets. If you have kids at home, you know how important it is to cover up outlets. The same goes for your pets. You can purchase outlet covers to keep them from sticking their noses or paws in.

Make Sure Your Home Wiring Is Up-to-Date

If you have an old home, it is essential to ensure that the wiring is up to date. This will help reduce the risk of electrical fires and other accidents. You should also ensure all outlets are working correctly and the wiring is good. If there are any electrical issues, get them fixed to prevent disaster. Old electrical systems are more likely to fail and cause problems.

Use Pet Gates

Another way to keep your pets away from electrical dangers is by using pet gates. This will help you make some areas of the home off-limits. Use baby gates to keep your pets contained in certain areas. Just make sure the gates are tall enough so your pets cannot jump over them. Pet gates also come in handy when you have company over, and you need to keep your pets contained.

Keep an Eye on Your Pets

It’s worth keeping a sharp eye on your pets. This way, you can catch them if they are getting into something they shouldn’t be. For example, if you see your pet chewing on a cord, take it away, and give them a chew toy instead. For example, if you have an electric fence, make sure they stay away from it.

Cover Any Loose Cords

If you have any loose cords, it is vital to cover them up. This will help keep your pets from getting tangled up and hurt. You can use cord covers or tape the cords to the floor or wall. This will keep your pets out of reach of your curious pet. However, naked cords can also be a safety hazard.

Keep Your Pets Away From Water

Water and electricity don’t mix, so you need to keep your pets away from moisture. This is especially true when they are near pools or in the bathtub. If you have a fountain or pond, make sure your pet does not drink out of it. While most electrical dangers can be prevented with careful planning and awareness, accidents sometimes happen.

Train Your Pet

You can train your cats and dogs on how to avoid electrical dangers. This means teaching them what they can and cannot chew on. You might also need to train them not to jump or climb onto certain surfaces. This strategy will help keep your pet safe from electrical dangers and other hazards in the home.

Work With Certified Technicians

To keep your home correctly wired, you need to consistently work with experienced electricians in Cumming, GA. This will reduce the risk of electrical fires and other hazards around your home. Contact our team to get started when you need help from certified technicians.

Introduce Electrical-Free Areas

A great and unique approach to keeping your pet away from electrical hazards is designing an electricity-free area for your dog. This can be a tight corner of a room or even a tiny space near outlets and cords. You can use baby gates or pet fences to create this space. Put their bed, toys, and food in this area, and teach them to stay away from the rest of your home.

Use High-Quality Electrical Systems

When you use high-quality electrical systems, you can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. This includes using surge protectors, GFCIs, and tamper-resistant outlets. These products can help keep your home safe from electrical hazards. Conversely, low-quality systems are more likely to fail and cause problems.

Inspect Your Home Regularly

It would help inspect your home regularly for any electrical hazards. This includes checking for loose cords, damaged outlets, and other issues that could be dangerous to your pet. If you notice any signs of potential problems, call a professional right away so they can fully assess the situation. This will help keep your pets healthy.

Focus on Underground Electrical Systems

If you have any underground electrical systems, it is crucial to focus on safety. This includes keeping an eye out for any damage caused by digging or other activities. You also need to ensure your pet does not drink from puddles or ponds near these systems. Underground electrical hazards can be hazardous and should be taken seriously.

Consider Outdoor Electrical Outlets

You also need to be aware of electrical dangers that can occur outdoors. This includes keeping an eye out for exposed wires and damaged outlets. If you have any concerns, contact a professional right away. It is also essential to train your pet not to approach or chew on power lines or other outdoor electrical hazards.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

In case of an emergency, you need to know what to do. This includes having a plan in place in case of an electrical fire. You should also know how to shut off power to your home and where the main breaker is located. Lastly, keep a list of emergency numbers near your phone so that you can call for help right away.

Practice Socket Safety

When you are not using electrical sockets, cover them up. This will help keep your pet from sticking their nose or paws into them. If you have children in the home, this is also an excellent way to prevent them from accidentally touching or plugging something into an outlet.

Isolate Space Heaters

Space heaters in your home can also be dangerous to your pets. Keep them away from beds, couches, and other areas where your pet could be sleeping. Heaters usually get extremely hot and cause burns if they are too close to your pet.

Pets and electrical hazards can be a dangerous combination. By following these safety tips, you can help keep your pet safe from harm. If you have any concerns, contact Arc Angel Electric in Cumming to help assess the situation. We’ll be able to provide you with more information about keeping your home safe from electrical hazards. We also provide services in electrical repairs, backup generators, and outdoor lighting.

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