A consistent power supply helps to maintain high comfort levels and protects the appliances in your home. However, power loss is sometimes inevitable due to natural weather phenomena, such as intense wind, heavy rain, lightning, snow, or ice. Still, some areas have aging power grids and frequent power outages. As a result, home generators have become an excellent alternative for many people who want to keep their homes running.

How much does a home generator cost?

A home generator is an appliance used to provide power backup. But there are a variety of factors to consider before buying one of these backup appliances. For many people, the first question they often ask is how much does a home generator cost? The costs can vary from about $5,000 to $20,000 or more. Prices vary depending on the brand, size, and fuel type. Here are six reasons why adding a home generator is a worthwhile investment.

1. Keep Essential Appliances Working

You most likely rely on several appliances to meet the daily needs in your home. Some essential appliances in most homes include refrigerators, heaters, well pumps, freezers, lighting, and more. Without an electrical power supply, these devices cannot run, which negatively affects your household’s operations. For instance, you rely on electrical power to keep your cooling unit running on warm days. Also, filtration systems and well pumps rely on electrical power to ensure your home has fresh water to cook, drink, and bathe.

In worst-case scenarios, equipment may get damaged due to a power surge. With a home generator, you’ll have a reliable backup plan to keep electrical appliances in your home up and running in case of a blackout.

2. Ensures Seamless Work at Home

Today, you need electrical power not only for everyday chores but also for remote working. Whether you work or run a business from home, you need power for your daily operations. A blackout will halt your work and significantly derail your productivity. As a result, achieving your business goals and clients’ needs will become an uphill task. For instance, if the power goes off during a virtual meeting with potential customers, they might decide to work with your competitor instead.

A home generator is worth every penny because it ensures you do your work even after a power loss. You’ll remain productive throughout the working hours, which ensures that you have a steady work schedule. This way, you’ll also satisfy all your clients’ needs and meet your daily objectives.

3. More Convenience

Power outages lead to various interruptions in your home. For instance, your essential appliances and lighting system will lose power in a blackout. The inconvenience can last longer in areas frequently hit by bad weather. Also, waiting for power to get restored might take days or weeks, which means more discomfort for you and your loved ones.

Investing in a home generator provides the perfect solution whenever there is a power outage. Depending on your appliance’s coverage option, you can power the vital equipment in your home, such as a water heater, stove, and refrigerator. You can also power up your computer and charge your phone through some power outlets.

4. Prevents Flood Damage

Do you live in an area that is highly susceptible to flooding? You need a sump pump to prevent flooding in your house. When there are heavy rains or storms, sump pumps suck up the water before pushing it away from your home. However, this is only possible when you have electrical power.

If there is a power failure, your sump pump doesn’t work, increasing the risk of flood damage. This can lead to significant property damage, especially when it happens for extended periods. Therefore, invest in a home generator to keep your sump pump working and protect your home even if bad weather causes a blackout.

5. Salvage Stored Food

You most likely have large amounts of refrigerated and frozen foods in your home. In case of a power outage that lasts about six hours or more, you risk losing groceries worth hundreds of dollars. The insulation of your refrigerator or fridge helps to maintain low temperatures, but it will eventually fail after extended periods, and the food will spoil. Even if some foods don’t go bad, the conditions will allow bacteria growth, which causes food poisoning once you eat it.

Investing in a home generator keeps freezers or fridges running during a blackout to ensure that stored food remains fresh. As a result, you’ll never go through the hassle of rushing to the store to buy ice and fill it in your cooler. Also, a generator will come in handy if you have medicines that need low-temperature storage.

6. Improves Home Value

With the increase in storms and bad weather conditions, a power outage can happen when you least expect it. When this happens, critical parts of your home are inoperable. That’s why home generators have become one of the most sought-after appliances in many homes. In fact, having a generator can increase your home’s value by up to 5%.

Notably, there has been increased competition in the housing market in recent years. Potential buyers look for homes that are not only comfortable and attractive but also safe for their families. Since power outages are dangerous and expensive, a home generator will provide extra security.

Get Reliable Power Backup With a Home Generator

In case of a blackout, you will probably have to wait for several hours, days, or weeks for the power company to restore the electricity supply. Even if power failure may not be a common occurrence in your area, when it happens, it can last for days. Stored food could go bad, electrical appliances will stop working or even get damaged, and your home may undergo significant flood damage. As a result, you’ll also spend more money buying food, repairing, or replacing appliances, and more. Investing in a home generator gives you peace of mind that your lights will be on, food will remain chilled, and your family will be safe even during a blackout.

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