Protect your home from unnecessary electrical damages caused by power surges in Bluffton, SC with whole-home surge protection. Did you know that insurance companies pay out over a billion dollars in electrical damages each year for lightning strike damages? Power surges are included in this category.

While most people think that they need to be worried about lighting, the chances that your electric system will be affected by it is quite minimal. However, the chances that your electric system gets damaged by internal power surges that occur when large electrical appliances cycle on and off are quite high. It happens a lot more often than you’d think.

Most power surges are difficult to detect. They do not present themselves as reset electrical appliances or tripped circuit breakers. Instead, they’re often easy to miss, like a flickering of lights or a slight acrid smell coming from the outlets. Most internal power surges happen within a millisecond, so it’s not unusual that they’d be difficult to spot. One might be happening in your home right now, and you probably wouldn’t even know.