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Our customer-friendly staff travels the Gainsville, Georgia, and Atlanta areas easily to meet the needs of our valued electrical customers. We proudly serve this neighborhood and are so pleased to do the majority of electrical work because we are a trusted industry name.

Our electrical company fits in with the prominent businesses of Gainsville, which is located in Hall County. We can get to your location quite simply in the Atlanta area. We are committed to excellence as we handle the electrical needs of this fine city.

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    "Guys were professional and quick. Explained every step in diagnostics and repair. Highly recommended."
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    We have certified electricians that travel Route 23, I-985, and the roads around Atlanta regularly to service our customer’s electrical needs. Truly, our electricians can get to your location for your electrical installation and repair needs.

    What We Recommend

    We promise to give you outstanding service while you go have a good time or head to the office. Gainsville is an exciting city to visit and a great place to live. We recommend you check out these historical markers: Jesse Jewell and Bicentennial Park.

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