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Saint Helena Island, South Carolina

This island takes pride in its cool blend of culture and history. In the same way, we take pride in servicing this community with the best electrical service in the land. We make sure that all their electrical needs are met – from the parts that they need, installation during home construction, rewiring for their home upgrades, inspection, and maintenance of all their electric lines. We also offer innovative solutions for renewable energy and energy-efficient lighting as our way of contributing to the preservation and sustainability of the community.

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    "Guys were professional and quick. Explained every step in diagnostics and repair. Highly recommended."
    Great Location

    We are located at the center of Beaufort County so that we can service the whole area. Make sure that your electrical projects are handled only by professionals. Our licensed and certified electricians are here to get the job done on the same day to ease your worries and ensure your safety. We attend to your electrical needs with urgency and great workmanship. Just contact us for all your electrical concerns and we’ll attend to them right away.

    What we like about Saint Helena Island

    While we take care of your electrical needs, you should take your time in discovering what Saint Helena has in store for you. You can go to The Penn Center for a glimpse of the county’s rich culture and history then visit the ruins of the Chapel of Ease and be astonished by this ancient site built by the people which dates back to the 1700s.

    For more fun things to do at Saint Helena Island, you can visit these sites:
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