Ladys Island, South Carolina

Arc Angel Electric - Electrical Company Residents of this charming coastal area enjoy the best of both worlds – the peace and serenity of rural living and the comforts and luxuries of urban living just a few minutes away. They also don’t need to worry about their electrical needs as our team of professional electricians is always on standby to respond to their concerns. We make sure we provide them with the best electrical services and parts – for their repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. We’ve seen how Lady’s Island has flourished as a community for the past years. We commit to deliver excellent service to our customers and be one with the community in ensuring progress and sustainability go hand in hand through our innovative and energy-efficient solutions.

Never too far away

Help is never too far away when they have electrical emergencies. We are located strategically in the heart of Beaufort County so that we can have a wider service area and fix electrical issues within the same day. We don’t want our customers to suffer the inconveniences of power interruption. With our expert electricians, we ensure continuous power services to our customers.

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    "Guys were professional and quick. Explained every step in diagnostics and repair. Highly recommended."
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    Enjoy the majestic views of Lady’s Island while we resolve your electrical issues. Relish the great view of the waterfront. You can also visit historic sites such as Penn Center, York W. Bailey Museum, and the Brick Baptist Church. Or savor the sumptuous meals at Brody’s Bar and Grill or Piace Pizza.

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