Ceiling fans are a practical and easy way to reduce your need for a constantly running AC unit in the summer. Fans create a “wind chill effect,” cooling you down. Ceiling fan use throughout your home can keep you and your family comfortable enough to lower your thermostat temperature by an average of about 4 degrees, saving you a decent amount on your electricity bill!

This is not only true in the summer, but fans can help you save on energy costs in the winter as well. If you change the settings on your ceiling fans to spin clockwise rather than the counter-clockwise motion you use during the summer, you will force the air up, redistributing your heated air throughout the room–saving you money once again! This is simple and easy to do: just locate the switch on the fan base and flip it once you turn the heat on for the colder months, then switch it back when it starts to get back into the warmer seasons.

Depending on which fan you purchase, it can also double as a light source for your room. If you get a fan with both blades and bulbs, you make the most out of your purchase. If you don’t have a double switch, we can install one so you can use your fan assembly solely as a fan or a light — or both!

Professional installation of your fan is highly recommended. Fans can weigh as much as 50 pounds and a typical lightbox can only support 35 pounds. Many people think they can do this themselves, but it is best if you have a licensed electrician perform this work to ensure proper installation. This will not only help you in terms of your warranty but also when it comes to the safety of you and your family. Safe installation should include secure mounting to a lightbox or ceiling joist (or the use of a mounting bracket), and proper alignment and balancing. If you are at all concerned about doing this yourself, do not hesitate to call Arc Angel Electric to give you peace of mind.

One final note: although ceiling fans are a money saver and help keep you cool, remember that they cool people, not rooms. The breeze from a fan simply carries the hot air away from your body while you are in that room/area. And while they will definitely help you save energy when used properly, they still use energy when turned on. Make sure to turn off your fans just as you do your lights when you leave a room to prevent wasted electricity.

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