Summer break is right around the corner, which means kids will soon be home from school! With May being Electrical Safety Month, we wanted to give you some tips you can share with your kids to help keep them safe during the summer, and throughout the year.
  • Never stick fingers, toys, or any other objects into an electrical outlet. You can get shocked! Installing Tamper Resistant outlets can help reduce this risk.
  • Never place a hair-dryer, radio, or any other electronic device near the bathtub or shower. In addition, do not place any drinks on top of your video game consoles or other electronics. Electricity and water do NOT mix! It’s a good idea to have a qualified electrician inspect and ensure all components that should be GFI protect are and are functioning properly.
  • Never pull a plug from an outlet by the cord. You might get zapped!
  • Never climb trees near power lines, and never touch a downed power line. If you see a downed line, move away from the line and call an adult.
  • Stay away from any place marked with an electricity warning sign. These areas are dangerous. This includes transformer boxes in your neighborhood or on your lawn.
  • Always ask an adult for help with anything that needs electricity. Remember, you can never be too safe!
As an adult, some things you can do to help promote electrical safety with your children are:
  • Use plastic covers to plug unused outlets.
  • Hide extension cords and cover any unused outlets on the cord itself.
  • Keep electrical devices such as kitchen appliances, hairdryers, curling irons, toasters, or media equipment hidden or out of reach.
From all of us at Arc Angel Electric: have a safe, happy, and healthy summer!
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